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As their families and professional lives flourished, the timing wasn’t ever quite right to step away from their careers. But Kelly and Katrina never gave up on accomplishing their goal – they took small steps over the years that laid the foundation for what would one day become their own brand.

It wasn’t until 2020 - when the world came to a halt during the Covid pandemic - that Kelly and Katrina had what felt like an awakening. Realizing they were miserable in their current professions, they decided it was time to make the leap, pursue their ambition, and do what they were meant to do! The sisters decided to return to their original passions of interior design & fashion and finally bring their childhood vision to life.

Inspired by an article about eco-friendly home decor, Kelly fell in love with cork – an incredible and sustainable material with almost endless possibilities to become beautiful products. She brought the idea to Katrina, and cork immediately clicked as an amazing cornerstone for their new venture. An opportunity to make quality products out of something that also gave back to the earth just felt right. It was an ideal way to bring together their creativity and commitment to integrity while making their kids’ futures a little brighter.


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